Going beyond limitations for the greater good

We are using our expertise and creativity to create a culture that is purposeful, inclusive, and gives back in order to make an impact!

Our Commitment

S4 Netquest is committed to operating by our guiding principles and values: integrity, fairness, advocacy and education. Reducing our impact on the environment, giving back to local and global humanitarian needs and creating awareness for climate action while speaking up for animal welfare are at the heart of our philanthropic endeavors. We chose the following UN Sustainability Development Goals to align with and guide us in our sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Development Goals


YOU CANT JUST SAY YOU PROMOTE EQUALITY – YOU HAVE TO PROVE IT. We are unwavering in our commitment to equality, breaking through barriers and being an example in our community.


Opportunities For All

We use our expertise in education and cutting-edge technology to create social and economic change for those communities underrepresented.

We use creativity as a catalyst for environmental action.

As a small corporation, we are often limited in what we can do within our ecosystem to reduce our footprint. We see obstacles as opportunities. Through our recycling efforts, offsetting our carbon footprint, and advocating for animal welfare-we are small, but MIGHTY!

Activism is our lifeblood

We have partnered with non-profits that align with our ethos. Through advocacy, hands on volunteering and fundraising efforts through our foundation-- we thrive on making an impact.

take action

We believe change starts at home and that collective action can and WILL make a difference in all of OUR lives. Won’t you join us on this journey?

Jim Guilkey

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