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The Global Expert in Corporate Learning

M-Pact Learning - Book by Jim Guilkey Jim Guilkey

Dr. Guilkey’s S4 NetQuest Experience:

  • Leads a world-class team in creating global training strategies, designing, developing, and implementing highly, effective learning solutions
  • Instructional design expertise resulting in increased efficiency, cutting costs, and maximizing talent across industries
  • Developed a game-changing, proprietary learning methodology known as M-Pact Learning

Jim has myriad experience across industries and has created a number of innovative learning solutions that provide a competitive advantage for our clients such as:

Jim Guilkey, Ph.D.

Dr. Jim Guilkey is an innovative learning expert, owner of S4 NetQuest, published author, and highly sought-after speaker.

  • Principal, S4 NetQuest
  • Ph.D. – Instructional Design & Technology, Ohio State University
  • 30 years’ experience
  • Author: M-Pact Learning: The New Competitive Advantage (2019)
  • Director, Flight Education Division, Ohio State (1988-1998)
  • Commercial pilot, flight instructor – Type rating: Boeing 767

Jim is based in Columbus, Ohio and he’s a devoted Cleveland Browns fan, a pilot, and he is passionate about the S4 NetQuest Foundation.


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M-Pact Learning - book cover

M-Pact Learning: The New Competitive Advantage

What All Executives Need To Know

Jim Guilkey’s latest book will help you use his proprietary M-Pact Learning methodology to transform your training programs into innovative, highly effective learning solutions that achieve measurable business results.

The book provides clearly defined processes and includes mutliple case studies of training transformations that resulted in a competitive advantage for each of the organizations highlighted.

Better get your copy before your competitors do. Or, have Dr. Guilkey come and speak specifically to your organization on the M-Pact Learning revolution.

Speaking / Consulting

Jim loves to share his expertise on innovative learning and is available for speaking engagements, as well as consulting. He is an impactful, inspiring speaker and would be a great asset at your next event.

Speaking Topics

  • Virtual learning during COVID-19
  • Effective instructional design methodologies
  • Designing learning programs across platforms
  • The importance of engaging, innovative learning methods in business
  • How training can provide measurable business results
  • Problem-based and learner-centric learning: what your business can learn from pilots

Speaking Examples

Speaking Events

  • Session Speaker
    Elliot Masie’s Learning Conference
  • Session Speaker
    Enterprise Learning Conference
  • Session Speaker
    Contact Center Conference
  • Session Speaker
    eLearning Guild’s Annual Gathering
  • Keynote Speaker
    Society for Applied Learning Technologies (SALT) Interactive Conference
  • Keynote Speaker
    ASTD Pittsburgh Annual Conference
  • Keynote Speaker
    International Workboat Show
  • Workshop Presenter
    Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors
  • Roundtable Facilitator
    Elliot Masie’s Learning Conference
  • Session Speaker
    E-Learn Conference
  • Workshop Presenter
    Professional Association for Computer Training (PACT)
  • Session Speaker
    Ohio State University Medical Conference
  • Session Speaker
    Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Conference

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